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  • Permanent Magnet

    A ring magnet is a piece made of metal with an opening in the middle. They are made from permanent magnets and can be used in many ways. These magnets are also called donut magnets, and they are exclusively manufactured by BEXCO EXPORTS. These magnets are also available in b y gluing them onto a light-to-medium-weight object. You can use them for research […]

  • Different Shapes of Magnets

    Different Shapes of Magnets and Their Uses Different shapes of magnets have different uses. Learn about Alnico, Ceramic, and Neodymium countersunk ring magnets. You’ll also find information on NdFeB countersunk ring magnets. These materials are commonly used in electronic components. In addition to being functional, these magnets can also be used as street art.Neodymium ring […]

  • Samarium Cobalt

    (SmCo) Magnets In comparison to Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB), Samarium Cobalt SmCo magnets are stronger and have less resistance to demagnetization. SmCo is also stronger and more resistant to corrosion, but it is less fragile. This alloy is a great option for motors that operate at high temperatures. It also has exceptional thermal properties that are unparalleled by rare […]

  • Organized are not Fun

    Rooms that aren’t organized are not fun, and refrigerators whiteboards, refrigerators, and other metallic surfaces aren’t an exception. Learning resources offers a solution Super Strength Magnetic Hooks and Clips. These clips can be used to hang a variety of school work and artwork. They’re backed by a strong circular magnet. This handy tool can also be an […]