Science Fair Season

Schools in! You did notice, right? The traffic, the kids everywhere and all of those with paper

There is one other thing that is always amazing and that is the start of the science fair season.

Individuals and teams all vying for
top honors and reaching for the stars. Some of them literally.

They are all trying for science the Nobel prize but I think that will come later for some of those that keep going, I am sure.

Some are trying to work with magnetics and finding new ways to use them. There are mostly teams trying to get to the bottom of the seas and coming up with new ways to get there and better methods to recover some of the stuff on the bottom for examination later.

There was one team that was sponsored by CMS Magnetics & Magnets For Sale last year that put together a perpetual motion machine. Everyone knows science as the top shelf magnets store in Garland TX. Some of you may not have realized that the owner has a son that figured out a way to keep a machine moving using magnetics in a way never done before and of course Filbert won just about every award in his class. Doing this was one of the million things that you must excel at to get a coveted spot at MIT, and he did. He just got word 3 weeks ago that he will be a freshman starting the 2020-2021 school year.

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When trying to get a spot in any science related field at any university a well chosen and executed science project could just be the feather that tilts the scale in your favor.

This not only gets you science
in the door it also prepares you to work as part of a team, develops critical thinking skills and pushes research skills far beyond anything actually given as an assignment in high school.